August 10th, 2021

Steve makes the sacrifice on vormir (Gen)

Looking for a list of fics where Steve and Tony are the ones to go to Vormir, and Steve sacrifices his life so Tony can get the stone. None Stony works please! Only Gen where there's a friendship between them and no romance.
Also looking for a specific one I saw on where Steve is hated from the events of Civil war ( I don't believe there was any other reason in the fic why he was hated). The end part of the fic deals with Vormir where the beginning I think has him contemplating the point of his purpose since everyone gives him the cold shoulder. Then comes the chance to get the soul stone and he sacrifices himself, believing its the best thing he can do for the world. When the team (and I think the world) learn that he died to get the stone, they feel bad about their thoughts and treatment of him.