August 20th, 2021

Bella and Alice Cullen, Bellice, femslash

Natasha lives

I think this is a fic where Natasha is revived. And she comes back to the tower. Wanda awkwardly says she is glad Natasha is back but then scurries away. Natasha thinks she should find her later to comfort her, since she is mourning vision still and doesn’t look well. But her priority is Tony at the moment, she talks to Pepper who says he’d probably like her to visit. Natasha feels so guilty as she looks down on Tony who is either in the cradle in a coma or hooked up to many wires due to the snap. She thinks it should’ve been her, since he has a kid. I think this is post endgame. It was on

I would appreciate it if you could help me find the fic

Bella and Alice Cullen, Bellice, femslash

Thaddeus Ross fired

I think it was part of a list of short stories maybe. Basically Ross is called to the president who tells Thaddeus to either retire or he is fired, saying that he knows what Thaddeus has been doing, and is obsessed with the avengers despite them being heroes who saved them from thanos, despite Natasha and Tony (maybe) sacrificing themselves, and especially since the UN and President agreed to either amend or get rid of the accords 

It was on