November 10th, 2021

Looking for a specific fic (Loki)

So at the beginning of this fic the Avengers + Loki went to a battle but in the end everyone is exhausted. Peter got hurt, so Tony is panicking and told Loki to heal him. Loki told him that he can't because his magic is depleted (but if I am correct he did not get a chance to explain it) and Tony was so angry that he said something hurtful ("Can't you do anything right" if I remember correctly). Then Loki finally heals Peter but because he doesn't have enough energy he transferred his injuries to himself. The Avengers feel guilty. I forgot where is it on but I only read at ao3, and Wattpad (I think it is on though). Thank you!

Winter Soldier Fic

I'm looking for Winter Soldier Fic where whenever the Soldier gets triggered, instead of hurting people, he helps. I remember one scene where the Avengers are fighting a Hydra Villain who uses the code words near civilians, but instead of going on a murderous rampage, he helps the civilians and gets them food and whatnot. That's all I remember. I don't know if it was on AO3 or