November 14th, 2021

[FOUND] Specific Loki Fic

Looking for a specific Loki fic — two even.

  1. FrostIron fic where Avengers set out to rescue Loki because a mysterious stranger with a limp told them to, and at the very end, learn that the mysterious stranger is Tony from the future.
    I think this fic may actually unfortunately be deleted from ao3 but if anyone just recalls its title it would be enough because I know I downloaded it but I have hundreds of files for FrostIron.

  2. This one may be FrostIron or not. Loki went to Jotunheim (from Earth with Tony and maybe someone else) to help with something. I think there was some Jotun who knew who Loki is despite Loki keeping it a secret and he was liked there because he was trying to help. They were in a small village, I think? And fixing some machine maybe? My memory is fuzzy.
    Someone else seemed to recall that fic but not the title, and what they also added was that it was Thor that went to Jotunheim with Loki. They were living/staying at Stark Tower. Loki was using his magic to ?make a power source? to help Jotunheim. It was a little village where he was doing this and Loki didn't know it, but they knew who Loki really was.