November 22nd, 2021

  • Zig Zag

Sightly-Angsty Loki Oneshot

Hey all, 

1)I've been looking for a short Loki fic where Sif tells a kid/teenaged Loki that if he went missing for a week(?) nobody would even notice, so to see if she's right he runs away for a week or two and is just chilling in a cave in Svartalfheim or something and nobody notices but Odin who sends one of his wolves or ravens to stay with him?

Its a bit short and angsty but has good-dad-odin

At least 3 years since I read it I think, but it could be much older. Could be from AO3, ff, or Norsekink-In which case its probably lost forever, its impossible to find anything there :(  

2) Also looking for a second short-angst fic where at some point pre-coronation Odin tells Loki the truth of his heritage in Loki's rooms, then just leaves him to think about it and Loki tries to kill himself in the bathtub. Meanwhile Frigga asks Odin how Loki took it and he's like 'yeah good' and they send a maid to fetch him for dinner and she finds him bleeding out