ladyscale (ladyscale) wrote in avengers_search,

AU Loki and Thor meet movie 'verse Loki and Thor

Alright, this one I remember being on either norsekink or avengerkink and it's set in movie canon, probably post-avengers.

The Thor and Loki versions from an AU 'verse (where Loki wasn't neglected and turned out fine) somehow come through a magic portal and meet the Avengers and their own counterparts.
AU Loki knew about his heritage and chose to stay in his jotun form with pride, and he and Thor were best buds and maybe lovers.
In the story, Thor and his AU self went outside to spar while AU Loki has a little heart-to-heart with his counterpart, to which canon Loki ends up crying his heart out.

Anyone know where I can find the link to the prompt, or maybe even better, an AO3 or link if there is one?
Tags: character: loki, character: thor, genre: au, genre: gen, genre: hurt/comfort, genre: post-avengers, movie: avengers, movie: thor, pairing: thor/loki, search: fic (specific), theme: fix-it fic, theme: loki (hurt), theme: loki (jotun), verse: movies

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