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Looking For Fics Featuring Pepper Potts

I'm looking for fics that deal with the fact that Pepper has Extremis. Not necessarily as the main focus (though that'd be nice). Just stuff that actually acknowledges what has changed & how she is essentially a superhero now.

I know Tony said he'd "fixed" her, but he's clearly talking about finding a solution to the glitch - all the conversations he has about fixing Extremis (with Maya in the flashback scene just before Happy throws himself on him, when Maya tries to recruit him to explain/implement that equation he scrawled, & with Pepper on the oil tanker) have been to do with the glitch, not reversing Extremis totally. But even without those hints, c'mon, his girlfriend is super strong with amazing healing abilities & he's really gonna go, "Yeah I'll switch you back to weak & fragile. It's not like you have a history of finding yourself in harm's way or anything..." if there's even the vaguest possibility that he can stop her going splodey while still keeping the benefits?

But any fics I see set post-IM3 seem to have decided that Tony completely removed Extremis (is that even possible?) & have her exactly how she was before, with nothing special about her besides excellent organisation & Tony-wrangling skills. But she has superpowers now! At the least she's strong & hard to kill, & may even be able to breathe fire.

So, any stories dealing with this? Like, villains abducting her to get at Tony & being surprised that she can actually wipe the floor with them, or trying to kill her & having her just get up again? Maybe Tony's fix isn't as effective as he'd like & she still has to deal with the worry that she might go boom? Maybe she even joins the Avengers? Or even just her making an appearance in a story to let people know that she can & will kick their ass if necessary. Anything.
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