Alaylith (alaylith) wrote in avengers_search,

Looking for 2 fics

I've been looking for two fics and I just can't find them again.

Sadly I always only remember parts and can't really search for them.
I hope one of you guys recognizes the little tidbits!

1. The first one I really only remember this scene, so the story itself could almost be anything - a long story, a drabble collection or whatever.
The scene was that Iron Man had to catch Clint, but they were going so fast and twisting madly. I think Tony had to throw Clint into Thor's arms so he could stop and Tony vomitted inside his suit.
So when Cap ordered Tony to lift the faceplate Tony refused because he was emberassed, but then Thor & Clint came (Thor carried Clnt I thinkt) and Clint said something about they pulled 3Gs and he himself had to vomit twice.

2. The other story was about the SuperHero Registration Act and I'm pretty sure it was Steve/Tony.
In this Tony already knows about the upcoming SHRA and asked Richard Reeds for help and Reeds told him about visiting other dimensions to see how they dealt with it.
So Reeds told Tony that in one of the other dimensions Steve was shot on the stairs to the court & Tony is scared that Steve will die.

In the end it is Tony who is shot on those stairs when he meets Steve in front of the court.

Happy about any help and thanks! :)


BOTH found:

#1 = > Chapter 3
Thanks for your help!

#2 = Mutant series by inukagome15  (
>>> Part 6

There is another SHRA story mentioned in the comments if anyone is interested!
Tags: character: clint barton, character: steve rogers, character: tony stark, search: fic (specific)

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