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Rec question: can I handle Bitter Sirens? - answered

This is kind of a backwards fic rec request. There is a decently long series (Bitter Sirens:  which appears to be a post-Avengers Tony/Bruce epic. BUT! I have been avoiding it because I am not in the right headspace to read unrelenting grim, and the 4th story summary does not sound like a happy ending:

(caveat: I don't mean a happy-happy-joy-joy ending, I don't need Disney; I am hoping for a good ending, where things are resolved, and it wasn't completely outside the bounds of taste or good storytelling.)

4th story summary: Under pressure from world leaders and the ever increasing violence of anti-S.H.I.E.L.D. protests, Director Fury caved, calling for Loki to return to Earth to stand trial as a war criminal. Stark Tower is determined as the only safe place to house him, tensions rising to a boiling point between the Avengers and their new guest.

Director Fury made the call, but at what cost?

Can anyone who HAS read the series tell me: will I feel depressed when I finish the stories? Does the 4th story end in a place I will not regret? Help?

static_star18 said: I read all 4 stories, and all I can say is, you might want to wait. I felt pretty bad for Tony at the end of the 4th story, so it's not exactly a happy ending. Thank you, SS! I am totally putting a hold on Bitter Sirens until either I can take the possible depression or the next part is up.
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