timeywimey2y5 (timeywimey2y5) wrote in avengers_search,

lost fic

I'm sorry I keep losing fics


There's a stony fic, in which the team haven't got enough time to get rid of these bombs, and they have to defuse them in time and Tony is defusing his own bomb and tells them to cut a certain wire which is the correct one. They are all preparing themselves for the worst and are going to cut the wires at the same time, and if I remember right, Tony and Steve either confess they love each other over the comms or they simply ask each other out. But, because everyone loves Tony whump, Tony accidentally cut the wrong wire from the one he was supposed to cut and the bomb by him exploded, but the others are all okay.

I also remember that Nat and Clint were defusing a bomb together and were very worried, and I can't remember if its them as friends or in a relationship, if this information helps at all

Does this fic exist or am I imagining things?

thank you!
Tags: search: fic (specific), theme: mission, theme: tony (hurt)

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