caitlin_chan (caitlin_chan) wrote in avengers_search,

Steve-centric fic search

I'm trying to find a specific fic I read on AO3. It was Steve-centric and Steve POV, and took place in the aftermath of the movie. Everyone had moved into - or was at least hanging out in - Stark Tower. Steve doesn't really feel like he belongs, and keeps himself kind of distant, and is trying to be a good leader. Peggy is alive and in a nursing home or something, and Steve visits her.

i remember near the end of the fic, Steve gets a phone call to say that Peggy has died and everyone instantly notices something is wrong, but he tries to hide it and runs off to his room to have a total breakdown. The rest of the team follows him and he's kind of ashamed of them seeing him 'weak', but then they get it across that they care and Steve cries a lot and team cuddles ensue.

Help? <3
Tags: character: steve rogers, genre: hurt/comfort, search: fic (specific), theme: team!fic

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