allaire mikháil (allaire) wrote in avengers_search,
allaire mikháil

Searching for: Blind Tony Stark, abandoned by the Avengers, develops bionic eyes.

I'm looking for a specific story that deals with a blind Tony clawing his way back to being Iron Man. He was blinded on an Avenger mission, and in the subsequent months all the Avengers let their friendship with him slide. Tony develops bionic eyes - the prototype version being arc-reactor blue lenses - and becomes Iron Man again in secret while his former team think he gave the armor to another person. Finally Steve finds out about it, but I believe the story ends with them both having a long way yet to go to become friends again.

I think the story was gen, but might have been Steve/Tony.

edit: Found, thanks to alfiebeau. It's "When in Doubt, Add Lasers" by V_Haley
Tags: character: tony stark, search: fic (specific), theme: tony (bamf), theme: tony (hurt)

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