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Sleepy Clint Team Fic

Hi, I'm normally a lurker but have this fic stuck in my head and I cant find it and it is driving me crazy!

OK so it is from Clint's point of view and he's coming back from some mission and he is really tired. He runs into Steve and Bruce and both men note how tired he seems and he ends up leaving with them and i think they were going to Stark Tower, Clint falls asleep on the way there, and the next thing he knows Steve is actually carrying him into the tower and i remember he was really surprised that he didn't wake up when Steve picked him up,but chooses to not say that he had woken up.
Then Tony is in the main room and snarks about Cap carrying Clint and that the Assassin is sleeping through them talking, Clint was going to continue to fake sleep and hopefully fall back to sleep but Tony touches him and he reacts instinctively and startles all of them, i don't remember what happens after that.

Also if you could rec any team fics where the movie verse team finds out about Barney or about Clint/Phil relationship (i'd prefer that Phil not be really dead,)I'd be really grateful, either Clint/Phil or gen please thanks!


Found: "A Cookie Never Hurts" by YukinaKid it's over on Ao3 comes right up when you Google it.
Tags: pairing: clint/coulson, search: fic (specific), theme: team (protective)

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