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Clint Pre Avengers Alternate Backstory

I have been looking for over six months and cannot find this story. I think there are two stories but the author didn't link them together.

1. Clint is working for SHIELD, has a crush on Coulson, but doesn't do anything about it. He has had a long line of crappy relationships and gets into another abusive relationship with an ambulance driver, who turns out to be a mutant who is really strong. They always stay at Clints crappy apartment, that he only got because his boyfriend kept asking where he lived and he couldn't tell him he lived on the SHIELD base. The guy's really rough with him but he doesn't do anything about it because it's not messing with his job, until it does. He gets injured on a mission and has to take off his clothes and Coulson sees all the bruises, and suddenly Clint is staying at Phil's place and not allowed to see that guy anymore, and they start a relationship.

2. It is a prequel to the first one. A teen Clint ends up working for… some loser who is already employing Natasha, for burglery I think, but she's still the Black Widow, eventually. Clint helps her escape from this guy and Clint stays and ends up being abused by him. The guy burns down the house of a nice couple Clint knows.

When Clint is working for SHIELD he still brings Natasha in but she was working for the loser again, who may be a clone?

I hope I haven't mixed up multiple stories. Please help me find them! I am beyond desperate.
Tags: character: clint barton, character: natasha romanov, character: phil coulson, genre: pre-avengers, pairing: clint/coulson, search: fic (specific), theme: abuse, theme: clint (hurt), theme: coulson (protective)

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