Beatrice (xbeax) wrote in avengers_search,

Mod Post

Hello, time for a friendly mod post! A couple of things...

1. Thor 2 is coming out soon (YEEES), so if you're going to post fic searches with spoilers, please place them behind a lj-cut or a spoiler tag. Don't know how to do those? Click HERE for the lj faq that deals with how to do those.

This rule will be in effect until December 1.

2. And now, a reminder to please tag your posts with these tags,

search: fic (specific) | search: fic (recs) | search: fic (deleted) | search: fanart | search: other

I have this on a sticky post, and yet there are still members who don't do this. I will start leaving comments again with a reminder to please tag your posts.

3. The sticky post is so that members can leave comments with questions/concerns etc. It is not to comment with fic searches. To post a fic search, you must have a lj account, join the community then post the search to the community.

That's all for today. Have a good week!
Tags: !mod post, !spoiler

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