Mre (mremre) wrote in avengers_search,

confident!Tony or competent!Tony

In IM1, Tony was learning the ropes and bent on revenge so his mistakes were understandable. In IM2, he was in despair of his life, angry and bitter, so his mistakes and tantrums could be excused. However, in Avengers he was settled with Pepper, did his homework, defined and achieved his goals, solved problems.... basically, he was confident in his tech/brain and competent in execution.

So where are the competent!Tony post-Avengers fics? Not that i don't love me some angst and hurty Tony, but there must be some fic to celebrate the guy who turned his company and life around in 2 years!
Tags: character: tony stark, search: fic (recs), theme: tony (competent)

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