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Looking For A Steve/Loki, Tony/Loki Fanfiction (Found!).


I just found a fanfiction I loved but now I can't remember the name of it nor can I find it again and it's driving me crazy! If anyone can help me find it again then that would be wonderful. It goes something like this:

Loki asks Steve (Captain America) to give him a discipline spanking as punishment for all his bad deeds, claiming that his boyfriend, Tony Stark won't do it for him. Afterwards a very horny Loki pays a visit to Tony, who had known all along about Loki's little visit to the captain.

The spanking is consensual and kind of a mixture between discipline and erotic spanking. Steve is administrating it as a punishment spanking, however spanking is a kink of Loki's, and he enjoys it greatly, a fact he hides from the captain. I'm pretty sure it takes place at S.H.I.E.L.D. too from what I remember.

This fic contains spanking, voyeurism and Tony x Loki smut, it's pretty much a PWP.

I don't really remember how to tag or use spoilers sorry as I haven't use LJ in a very long time, I hope that's alright.

Edit: I finally found it myself, sorry for the bother, I'd been looking for ages and was at my wits end. If anyone else is interested in reading it, it's called "Making Amends" and is part of the "Good, Giving, Game" series by Hannahrhen at the Archive Of Our own website. I recommend giving it a try, it's hot! ;) :)
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