lilydawn3 (lilydawn3) wrote in avengers_search,

Steve, Tony and Peter in a comic shop

The Avengers don't know Spiderman's secret identity. Steve and Tony are out and about the city without either the armor or the shield. The city is attacked (I don't rember details of the attack) and they encounter Spiderman while trying to get from one point to another. The three of them break into a comic shop to get a replica of the shield Tony remembered seeing (Steve said the weight was good but it wouldn't come back when he threw it like the real one would), Tony tells Spiderman to get a hoodie because it's cold out (Spidey natters on about choosing btwn two), Steve calls bullshit on Spiderman's claim that he's an adult and Tony leaves a note and his credit card in the till.

Thanks for any help.
Tags: search: fic (specific)

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