cuty01 (cuty01) wrote in avengers_search,

FrostIron Fic ; TonyXLoki

Im searchung for a Frostiron story I read a while ago but somehow didn´t fave. It was so good and I want to read it again.

It was about Tony getting kidnapped and being blindfolded and tied up for a long time in a small room with someone else who also got kidnapped.... (I thing by some aliens or something)the two begin to serach and get comfort in one another and after a while when they are allowed to see each other its loki and tony is really shoked....

I dont now the title any more or if my brain just made that story up :D but I would be soo greatfull if someone could tell me the title or send me a link.
Tags: character: loki, pairing: tony/loki, search: fic (specific), theme: kidnapping

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