Makes Fools Weep (makesfoolsweep) wrote in avengers_search,
Makes Fools Weep

Specific Tony/Loki fic + any/Loki hurt/comfort fic

Hi. I'm looking for a fic that I read not too long ago, but which I forgot to bookmark. It is Tony/Loki and a WIP.

Loki is banished to Earth, stripped of his magic, and forced to live in his Jotun blue form.
(Fic spoilers ahead? This is what I remember.)
He lives homeless, fears humans seeing him. He is raped in Central Park by a drunk one night. 6 years after he was first banished, he is found by Tony who was giving out water to the homeless. Tony gives him an apartment and teaches him to use the computer.

I would really like to find this fic to bookmark it and keep track if there are any updates.

Also, I'm relatively new to fandom and any Loki angst / hurt/comfort fic recs would be love. The more hurt Loki gets without actually dying the better. Any pairing is fine. Bottom!Loki preferred.

Tags: search: fic (specific)

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