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Fic Search-loki/clint are mates?

Hello Everyone,

I'm going crazy looking for a fic that was on AO3 where Shield captures Loki and is studying him/looking for his mate to control him. Loki is playing along that he's harmless with out his powers and is hiding that it's Clint. He convinces a female scientist/doctor that he's scared of Clint.

Loki goes into some kind of heat and sleeps with the guards and then Clint blackmails them with video to get time with Loki.

Clint seems to resent that he's drawn to Loki but can't stay away.

Last I checked it was incomplete.

Lost my bookmarks when my computer crashed and now can't find this fic/remember the name.

Any help would be great.

Tags: pairing: clint/loki, search: fic (specific)

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