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Fic Search about Loki

Hey everyone,
I have been looking for a specific fic nonstop and I can't find it. My computer crashed so I don't remember the title or where I read it, but I think I read it in AO3 but I'm not sure. It's a fic about Loki who is taken back to Asgard after the end of Avengers and while he's in his cell he tells Thor he wants to die. When he is taken to Odin he expects his punishment to be execution but instead Odin tells him he has to rebuild the bifrost by himself and then go to Midgard without his magic. Odin whispers to Loki that he is sorry and that he knows he isn't strong enough to take away Loki's magic so he will be mortal for a little while. Loki is shocked to hear Odin tell him he was sorry and that he knows how strong Loki is so he will be able to rebuild the bifrost by himself. When Loki is using his magic to rebuild the bifrost he thinks he failed but when he looks up he sees that the bifrost is complete. Loki and Thor are sent to Midgard and there the avengers realize that Loki didn't mean to take over Earth and that he was actually helping them fight off Thanos and the Chitauri. They realize that Loki LET slip the part about releasing the Hulk in the helicarrier, when everyone thought Natasha had actually tricked Loki into letting it slip. Also, he didn't use full mind control on Clint and Selvig so that Clint didn't end up killing Natasha and so that Selvig could put the safety on the tesseract so that Loki's scepter could shut off the portal. Also, he sent a small group of chitauri through the portal so that the avengers could learn how to defeat them before sending the rest through the portal. Most importantly, Loki didn't kill Coulson. He ended up injuring him but made sure not to cause a fatal injury. Loki says that Fury played his part perfectly because he got Coulsons cards from his locker and said they were in his jacket. That's all I remember, can someone please help me find it!!!
Tags: character: loki, search: fic (specific), theme: coulson lives

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