llumi (paperdollkisses) wrote in avengers_search,

pairing: Steve/Tony (eventual) kidfic

I am pretty sure I'm thinking of 2 different fics (and if I am, I'll take the link to each please) but...

There was a scene where Tony had gotten someone pregnant and the kid had just been dropped off at the house in Malibu. Pepper had gotten stuff together for him to have custody and there may have been some grandparents that were suing for custody just for the money purposes. I don't think he'd actually met Cap yet and at one point after he'd had the kid for a while Cap snapped at him something like "You don't care for anyone but yourself." Or some nonsense. Then Tony whipped out pics of the kid and shocked Cap. I think they eventually got together.

But there is this other scene which maybe fits or is part of another story. Tony has a kid and goes to see him kind of often and is involved in his life. The mom gets killed and the kid is able to call Coulson and Tony disappears for 2 weeks or something to get him and Cap is mad. I specifically remember there being Avenger Bears and Rhodey's was on back order or something. But the IronMan one had an actual arc reactor for a night light.

Thanks for any help! Is there a Tumblr for Avengers fic finders?

Update: 1st story found. Second story still MIA! Thank you.
Tags: search: fic (specific)

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