R3n3gad3 (Randi Zattlin) wrote in avengers_search,
Randi Zattlin

Clint angst


I'm looking for a Clint fic, but it may not specify that it's him in the synopsis.
Basically what I remember is that Clint has a kid, but someone, maybe the WSC, is holding them hostage, and only allows him to see the kid on a strict schedule. I believe the Avengers find out and they're pissed. Does that sound familiar. I read it quite awhile ago, so that's really all I remember.


First time doing this, so I don't think I did it right, but I tried to tag search: fic (specific), and character:Clint Barton, but it didn't work. (I'm kind of stupid at this, so sorry if it's completely wrong.)

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