tol (tolerik) wrote in avengers_search,

Loki living with a family on earth


I'm looking for a story that I read quite a while ago. Loki is on earth (he falls there I think, and then is in hiding?), and he ends up living with a family. All I remember is that the parents have a number of kids ranging from quite young to teenagers and Loki becomes quite protective of them. He defends them when (aliens?) attack. I do recall that the teenage daughter's boyfriend is not what he seems. He reveals himself and his abilities to the children at some point in the story. I think the Avengers (or Thor at least) may turn up towards the end.

I know it had a fair number of chapters and it was gen. Sorry I can't provide any more details. Does it sound familiar to anyone?
Tags: character: loki, search: fic (specific), theme: loki lands on earth, verse: movies

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