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Story with Game of Kiss Kiss Goose with Tony having major head trauma

Edit-Story found Thanks- Lord knows, it would be the first time by blcwriter.

Hello, I was hoping to find a story I read a while ago. I can't remember the title and any help finding it again would be appreciated. Here are the details I do remember. Sorry if some of them are out of order or not quite correct in what a character says exactly:

Tony is injured with a major head injury in a battle at the White House. He has a personal shield. Bucky is involved on the opposite side. Tony has no filter for what he says due to the head injury. Tony plays a version of Duck, Duck, Goose at the kitchen table, only instead of people saying duck they get a kiss. Rules involve something about the first one to arrive and last one to leave the kitchen. Clint kisses Tony and thinks that whoever said Tony doesn't work out are full of crap. Someone suggests a way to cure Tonys head injury is too hit him really hard again. Bruce gets mad and says something about Tony being the greatest mind of their time with lots of patents. Another scene has Rhodey get mad at Steve and says something about doing your research soldier. Xavier and Magneto are called in to look at the injury sometime. Tony calls Magneto a snob and elitist. Tony says maybe why people are mad at mutants is because they make other people feel left out of the group which no one likes. He says something about research on ancestors of people and that all the heroes/villains have some mutant in their background somewhere. One scene has Tony resting in his bedroom with Darcy, Jane, and others, doing things on their computers. They would pass ideas and projects between the computers with holographic imagery like Tony does with Jarvis in the movies. Bucky and Steve walk in and Bucky remarks that Maria must have been tiny because Tony is small too.
Tags: character: tony stark, search: fic (specific)

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