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Tony Stark is the heart of the Avengers

I am looking for a particular fic. I don't remember exactly what the pairing is but there is one part that really stuck with me.

Tony talks about how people have been trying to kidnap or assassinate him for years. Natasha says that she was hired to take out Tony sometime before Afghanistan but she didn't do it. she got close to him by attending a party he was hosting and some guy kept hitting on her and was about to be more forceful about it. Tony saw what was going on and stopped the guy. When Natasha tells Tony about this, he goes but you looked like you were a minor.

Natasha says that she told her superiors that Tony's security was too good and he could not be successfully killed. Tony points out that Natasha's reputation as Black Widow must have taken a hit. She said that her reputation was big enough to take a hit. Tony says that Natasha protected him from further attacks because if the Black Widow couldn't get to Tony then others were less likely to even try.

Clint teases Natasha that she likes Tony.

Anybody know which fic I am talking about?
Tags: character: tony stark, genre: post-avengers, theme: friendship, theme: team theme: team!fic

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