leviathan25 (leviathan25) wrote in avengers_search,

Loki/Thor iceskating fic

I was looking for pics of Loki and Thor and I found thisentry on tumblr about an iceskating au fic. It had this in description:

Thor/Loki - Ice hockey/figure skating AU - Thor is fascinated by Loki’s graceful skating and keeps trying to get closer to him, but Loki has his own opinion about ice hockey players, one that Thor doesn’t exactly manage to dispel when he causes a scandal by getting into a fist-fight with opponent team player. And yet…

Thor rubs the bridge of his nose unconsciously, his gaze slipping down at the rink. His teammates are talking and laughing, killing time before it’s their time to practice, but Thor can’t concentrate on the conversation. He stares at the slim figure twirling on the ice. Thor feels at home when he has his skates on, he can move with perfect certainty and confidence on the slippery surface, but what this man is doing… it’s art. He looks effortlessly light and elegant. Thor knows that if he were closer, he would see a look of extreme concentration on the man’s face, sometimes probably even pain, but from this distance, he seems to be floating.

A while later, after they’ve changed and started warm ups on the ice, Thor spots him again, talking to someone at the benches. He feels like a fool, but that doesn’t stop him from slowing down a little when he is skating past them and he tries to get a good look at the skater’s face. He gets his wish as the man levels a cold stare at him, their eyes meeting for several long seconds. Then he turns and walks away.
But I cant find it. Please for the love of God, tell me it is real and where to find it. PLEASE!!!!

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