Do I dare disturb the universe? (tiac622) wrote in avengers_search,
Do I dare disturb the universe?

Tony/Loki cannot die

I'm trying to find a fic I read about a year ago. It begins with Tony and Loki having both been taken captive by the Chitauri. They are repeatedly chained to a stone table and tortured, examined and experimented on to the point that they quite literally die. Something had been done to them, however, and each time they are restored to life and health so that it can begin once again. Eventually they are even forced to take party in killing each other. They develop a very dark, twisted relationship that involves lots of sex and physical pain. I think they eventually manage to escape by using the arc reactor to blue up the Leviathan and can propel themselves through space inch by inch in the few seconds they are alive between dying again.

Any idea where I might find this fic or what it is called? Thanks!
Tags: genre: action/adventure, genre: au, genre: humor, genre: post-avengers, pairing: tony/loki, theme: kidnapping

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