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Alright I don't even know how to go about finding this fic apart from going through all the clint barton/phil coulson stories at ao3 so I'm hoping very very hard that someone will be able to help me out.

The thing is, I don't actually remember what the story was about, apart from the pairing obviously and the fact that it was very well written. In fact the only words I remember from it are from the author's notes which commented that the author was a very much a bottom!clint fan and this would be the only top!/dominant!clint fic they would ever write.

So... yes, a well written bottom!phil/clint on ao3. Clint was rather dominant and I think that he may have gotten jealous at one point and there was hot sex?

Sorry for my horrible memory and I would gladly take any other recommendations for well written bottom!phil/clint fics. Thanks very much in advance!
Tags: pairing: clint/coulson, search: fic (recs), search: fic (specific)

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