Debris K. (debris_k) wrote in avengers_search,
Debris K.

possibly Tony/BAMF!Loki post-movie at Avengers tower preparing for incoming crap- er, invasion fic

Help! In all the many WIPs I follow I seem to have completely mislaid a favorite of mine. It was WIP last time it was updated some weeks back and definitely at at the time; whether it was marked as frostiron or just with Tony and Loki as the main characters I don't remember, but it was leaning towards the pairing at minimum. So, my question is:

Which fic is kind of like Ilk by faviconsparklyhowitzer but isn't? You know, the one in which crap happens in Asgard so Thor releases Loki from his torture-free-but-boredom-a-plenty prison cell to help fight said crap (I think the Infinity Gauntlet was at play? or at stake, something; Xanathos and/or elder Gods might or might not have been involved) and Odin in the meantime hurries up and does nothing. Anyways. Upon release cue Loki being his usual smart self, so he picks up the Warriors Three plus Sif and with them and Thor in tow sets off to get ready for the incoming crap, and eventually they all end up on Earth, or rather, in the Avengers Tower (the only place to be on the planet in these kinds of fics, natch). This is where it gets hazy for me, 'cause I only remember Tony not being turned off by Loki, if you know what I mean, and then there is some crap with some... Chitauri? maybe? being on Earth already and for some reason Loki's magic is weak but his l33t BAMF skillz are not so he sets out with the Casket of Awesome Freezing Blueness(TM) to do some awesome blue freezing(C)(R), except he gets stuck blue and kind of freaks out. Tony to the comforting— I mean rescue, there might be making out after that (or that might be just my wishful thinking), and I think after the next chapter or the one after I for some reason stopped reading, either because I lost track of the fic or, I don't even know.

I know I should be getting update notifications for it, but I get those for dozens of Tony/Loki fics (ack, how the heck did that happen, I never used to read WIPs before frostiron!) and I haven't seen one that looked likely to be for this fic in a while.

Any help muchly appreciated!

ETA: Found by mremre, it's Conviction by Darth Siva.

On a slightly-related note, might I suggest a specific fic search tag, for these kinds of searches? I've found several previous ones so it wouldn't be underused from the get-go. :-) Also, there seems to be both a genre and a theme tag for post-Avengers? If the mods need help whipping the tags into order I'd be happy to help, having some experience (and a mild tagging mania >.< ), let me know.
P.S. How long should we wait before adding the 'not found' status tag? Thanks!
Tags: character: loki, character: tony stark, genre: post-avengers, pairing: tony/loki, search: fic (specific), theme: loki (bamf), verse: movies

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