Firdienai (firdienai) wrote in avengers_search,

Bruce/Tony, meet online before movies and know each other through online identities

Hi, I'm trying to find a fic I am 90% certain I read on ao3 where Tony and Bruce met online while they were in their teens, Bruce had posted a question about a technical problem he was encountering and Tony answered and then they kept on talking and started sort of telling each other about their lives. At some point we see Tony go on a bender and create JARVIS and then feel bad about ignoring Bruce's messages. Bruce ends up going off the grid since Hulk, but Tony has JARVIS watch for Bruce's screen name, which I am almost certain was gammaman and Tony's was handsomesmarts(not sure about that), and after events of Avengers Bruce stays at the tower has internet logs on as gammaman they start talking again and they figure out that they've been messaging each other when Bruce laughs and something Tony messaged him and then there was either sex or a fade-to-black on the sex.
Oh and when Bruce is in Avenger's tower before he and Tony figure out they've been messaging each other he says things like he's not sure if he'll have internet much longer that it could be taken away
I cannot find it and this is driving me mad.
Tags: character: bruce banner, character: tony stark, pairing: bruce/tony

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