vedensolina (vedensolina) wrote in avengers_search,

Canon compliant Loki gen fic recs?

I was looking for gen fics that had a good portrayal of Loki and, that may perhaps have some drama, but still aren't hurt/comfort fics, nor too heavy on angst. I feel that Loki is quite often portrayed as a very vulnerable and insecure character, and while that is a part of him, he is also a very capable, intelligent and sarcastic supervillain who has plotted world domination :D People sometimes seem to almost forget that he actually is a villain in most of the movies, and that he does have a ruthless side. It would also be nice to find some pre-canon fics that focus on Loki and Thor, I haven't read many of those.
Thanks in advance!
Tags: character: loki, genre: gen, movie: avengers, movie: thor, search: fic (recs)

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