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Fic (specific) Thor/Loki

I've tried and tried but I can't find an author and their amazing thor/loki fanfiction.

Sadly I can't remember much more than that they where written BEFORE the Avengers had gotten out in the cinemas, so I'm guessing they wrote it in 2011 or early 2012.

In one of their fics Thor has just brought back Loki from Midgard after the havoc in New York. He and Loki argue on the bifrost (I think) and when they kiss there's such a lovely description of how their hair mix in the wind, stark contrasts of black and gold.

They also wrote a Lady Loki/ Thor fic, and a fic where they have sex for the first time after a drunken night of celebration (probably one of Thor's birthdays).

I also remember they had this picture as their icon:

And god, I'm sorry for being so vague, and I'm sorry for my terrible English as well.
Tags: movie: thor, pairing: thor/loki, theme: incest

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