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Fic search: Steve is a teacher when he's not an Avenger

Hi everyone!

Am looking for a fic - I’ve only got a vague recollection, but it's one where Steve is a teacher (at a high school in Brooklyn?) when he’s not out being an Avenger (but of course no one at the school knows who he really is - but he's not undercover, it's an actual real job). And because he’s Steve, he’s obviously awesome at it. But then, in the fic, can’t remember exactly when, the private and professional life collide when the school gets attacked.

Steve being Steve, gets his students (and some other teachers?) everyone safely locked inside a classroom(?) and then Steve being Steve, leaves said classroom to fight the threat, ignoring the concerns from the people locked in the classroom with him (the other Avengers and SHIELD eventually shows up to help out too - or are already there - can't remember) and ends up a little beat up but ultimately kicks ass (because again, he’s Steve). And at the end, obviously everything gets resolved, though I can’t actually remember if his secret identity is blown or not.

Not sure if the fic was Steve-centric or if the above-mentioned was just an arc of a longer fic, but I think it was Steve-centric, at least mostly. Any ideas which fic I’m talking about? *hopes desperately*
Tags: character: steve rogers, search: fic (specific), theme: hidden identity

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