tsukix (tsukix) wrote in avengers_search,

Fic search: Clint finds the Winter Solider

Hey everyone. I'm in need of your help! I've been searching for a fic where Clint is on a mission and he stumbles upon the Winter Solider (Bucky) in a lab (?) and in a tube of some sort in stasis. Clint either intentionally or unintentionally releases Bucky from the chamber and I think they fight briefly. Either way they leave the lab together and Bucky starts taking care of Clint (for reasons I have forgotten, though I have a nagging voice telling me because it is stupid cold where they are and Clint is hurting).
Any way I really hope someone remembers and sends me the link! (I knew I should have saved that link when I read it >_<). Please and thank you!!!
Tags: search: fic (specific)

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