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So, I forgot the number of times I've read this series but for some reason, I always forget the title of the series. That's why I'm here. I'm looking for the series where it started off with Steve going to the store to buy stuff but came across a protest where the anti-gay and pro-gay marriage factions were going against each other. There were two young men, a couple, who were later recruited by SHIELD along with Darcy and another young man. They were like the envy of SHIELD. The rest of the series is their story within and with the Avengers. There were other stories by other authors using the same characters. I'm really hoping someone could help me find this story. Thanks ever so much in advance! :)

MODS: Apologies on the tags. I just don't know what to put. :(

*Found by midori_marmotte and bugeyedmonster! :) Thanks again!
Tags: genre: humor

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