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Looking for a Bruce-centric kidnapping fic

Considering how quickly the fic I posted about yesterday was found, I thought I'd try again.

This fic is movieverse, I think, and centers around Bruce; his past and his relationship with the team. General Ross finally gets his hands on what he wants (kidnaps Bruce) and the team are furious. I can't remember if SHIELD was involved, but I think Coulson was (on the team's side). The Avengers, of course, assemble to rescue Bruce, but they don't get to him before Ross can torture try to reverse-engineer an army of green soldiers from Bruce a little (Ross is of course unsuccessful). I remember quite clearly Tony wondering how he can get revenge on Ross and remembering that Ross has a daughter, but dismissing that notion pretty quickly - however, I don't know whether that belongs to this fic or another.

It's been bugging me for a long time that I can't remember this fic, so any help with finding it is much appreciated. Thank you!

FOUND - In Which the Avengers Take Exception to the Army Meddling in Their Affairs by megster. Many thanks to ammcj062 for locating it!
Tags: character: bruce banner, search: fic (specific), theme: kidnapping, theme: team (protective), verse: movies

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