Jevgenija (ext_2353486) wrote in avengers_search,

Help me please find a fic


As I said i am searching for a fic about Steve and Tony. Do not remember where i read it, but I hope you can help me people :D
In that fic Steve was controlled or influenced and attacked Tony, Tony was send to hospital and Steve blamed himself. The team tried to tell Steve that Tony does not blame Steve and that Steve has to visit, he didn't. By the way Steve and Tony already were a couple. I hope someone can help me :) I just cannot take it anymore, i want to read it, it haunts me in my sleep, i know you understand me ;)

Thanks in advance
(sory tags won't stick)
Tags: character: steve rogers, character: tony stark, genre: angst, genre: hurt/comfort, pairing: tony/steve, search: fic (specific), theme: relationship, theme: tony (hurt)

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