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I've had Loki filtered out of my Ao3 results since basically forever because of the large ratio of questionable quality. However, having re-read the excellent Underground recently, I am craving more.

I'm looking for:
- plotty, well-written fics
- featuring either morally ambiguous Loki or Loki whose path to 'good guy' status is long and gradual

Fine with:
- Loki as a supporting character
- Fics set in Asgard or Midgard, pre-canon or post
- Gen, het or slash

I'm NOT interested in:
- Super dark Loki (e.g. gratuitous torture, rape)
- Loki apologetics (i.e. 'Loki is a misunderstood woobie who was abused as a child'.)
- Loki/Thor (as someone with an adopted sibling, 'they're not technically related!' is not a compelling argument to me...)
- Loki/OFC-from-Earth unless the fic is actualfacts the best thing to ever exist in the history of storytelling

Thanks in advance!
Tags: character: loki, search: fic (recs)

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