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Pepper Potts- Recs request

Good evening,

I have a sudden yen to read more fics with Pepper Potts in a leading role - the more awesome the better, the longer the fic also the better (I love long fic) if anyone would be able rec me some, that would be brilliant. I have already read through those recced in the Pepper Potts tag on here but my voracious appetite has yet to be sated.

I love Gen fic but am also open to all ships (het and slash) although would prefer no PWP snippets, please- I need plot, the longer and more interesting the better! I also prefer fics set at least roughly in an Avengers universe (e.g. not a no-powers AU, but othe than that any amalgamation of movieverse/comic verse/ agents of shield verse goes for me).

Many thanks!

- localfreak.
Tags: character: pepper potts, search: fic (recs)

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