luv4uncas (luv4uncas) wrote in avengers_search,

Darcy story where she cuts her hair

So I read this story a long time ago I think on  I can't remember much, but its a longer story and Darcy at one point becomes very depressed.  She feels pretty low about herself and it gets to her that people don't really take her seriously.  At one point she applies to a division in Shield and she gets the job, but she wants to change her whole appearance to be taken seriously.  She cuts her hair short and gets contacts instead of using her glasses.  She also starts to dress professional and no longer wears her signature beanies/hats.  I think she has some kind of a desk job in which she works on analyzing worse case scenarios of Shield and Avenger missions, and based on her results the teams go out to fight bad guys.  I think this may have been a Darcy/Loki story but I'm not sure.  It would be pretty terrible if she were to mess up on her analysis and deliver poor results to the Shield higher ups because it could mean a serious loss of lives on missions.   I dont remember much else that occured in the story.  Please, any help would be appreciated.  :)

Tags: character: darcy lewis

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