saarane (saarane) wrote in avengers_search,

Hi guys,

I'm looking for two Clint-centric gen fics (I'm pretty sure, at least. If there were pairings they were not intrinsic to the plot.)

1.) During a battle, Steve is down for some reason and Clint picks up his shield and starts throwing it around, since it's essentially all angles and Clint's good at those. Everyone else is really surprised.

2.) Clint's sick of being considered solely the eyes-on-high, since he can be just as much of an asset in a physical fight as Natasha. I think he gets into a conflict with Steve on this point. During a fight with a monster of the week, he uses arrows shot into the side of a building to create a ladder for him to get on top of the creature, and has to land for a split second on each one as close to the building as possible and move on before it snaps, and kills the creature with an arrow he shoves into the base of its skull. I think he dislocates his thumb doing it.

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