elsa913 (elsa913) wrote in avengers_search,

Thor and Loki Married

I'm looking for fics where Loki is Thor's husband wife spouse, whether it follows canon and the Avengers didn't know or an AU where Loki isn't the bad guy. Jotun!Loki is fine; mpreg is fine; arranged marriage is fine, though preferably, Thor and Loki were friends before getting married.

Tags: character: loki, character: thor, pairing: thor/loki, theme: arranged marriage, theme: incest, theme: loki (bamf), theme: loki (jotun), theme: loki (protective), theme: magic realism, theme: marriage, theme: parenthood, theme: relationship, theme: sexuality, theme: stepbrothers, theme: thor (bamf), theme: thor (protective)

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