roxy_skip (roxy_skip) wrote in avengers_search,

Specific kidnapped and sick Tony fic

Hi guys,

I have been hunting for a couple of stories I remember and can't find them anywhere - it's driving me nuts!

I think one was on Tony had been kidnapped and the Avengers were streamed live broadcast footage of him with the kidnappers. He acted more stunned and beat up than he was and started speaking in code, something about a game of poker?

The other was where Tony was ill maybe, so Steve was driving him somewhere - something goes wrong on the journey, Tony can't get enough air? And while they're freaking out the suit flies up to Tony and flies him off independently to lower ground.

Doe either of these ring any bells for anyone! Help much appreciated, thanks! 
Tags: character: tony stark, genre: hurt/comfort, theme: tony (kidnapped)

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