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Specific Telepathic Tony fic - FOUND

I know that I found this on AO3, but I cannot remember the author, or the title, or basically anything that would help me search there. I only managed to read the beginning of this fic. I remember two scenes that should be specific enough for someone to help, I hope.

Scene One: post-battle, Steve asks whether everyone is okay. Tony says he's fine, but then everyone hears him thinking something along the lines of, 'and my back feels pretty bad, but if I mention that I'll have to go to medical'. It turns out he got hit by something from the villain (who isn't identified that I remember) that makes him project every thought he has.

I know there was a big fuss when they found out, but I can't remember anything helpful about it.

Scene Two: next day, breakfast, in the kitchen. I think Clint and Bruce are there when Tony comes in doing a zombie impersonation and gets his first cup of coffee, and when he drinks it they hear his thoughts suddenly pick up speed (like 0-120 picking up speed) and Clint is shocked by it. Tony is surprised that they can actually function without coffee; there's a line where he thinks something along the lines of, 'How can you do that?'

Help, please?
Tags: character: tony stark, search: fic (specific)

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