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hurt tony recs

Hey guys,
So, i've just recently read a few absolutely brilliant fics and i was wondering if theres any other similar fics out. there:

1. I just read hiccups are no laughing matter ( which can be found here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/871775 , i hope that's the right link, im on my phone so if its wrong tell me in the comments) so, naturally i started to crave fics where something that's usually annoying but not painful becomes agonizing for tony, like hiccups, sneezing or coughing, because of the arc reactor. If someone knows any fics like that, please rec me them and i will be eternally greatful.

2. I'm also reading a fic called 'phil coulson doesn't work for starkindustries' where steve accidentally hits tony while he's having a nightmare and tony goes on a business trip and leaves early in the morning so that steve doesn't see the bruise. I would love if someone could rec me fics where steve ( anyone on the team) accidentally injures tony while having a nightmare or being possessed/mind controlled or whatever reason then feeling really guilty about it afterwards. That would be awesome.

3. I read a fanfiction peice last week called iron man, yes, tony stark...not recommended which is here:
So can anybody send me fics where the team think that tony is just a stuck-up rich and selfish person so they don't want him on the team, but there is a happy ending ( anything similar to the above story would be awesome as well)

Thanks in advance
Tags: character: tony stark, genre: hurt/comfort

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