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Post-Winter Soldier for Natasha or characters not in the film. Also, Captain Marvel.

Hello there lovely helpful people!  I am looking for stories of a few different types.

1.  Your favorite Natasha-centric post-Captain America: The Winter Soldier stories.  Pretty much any ship or gen, so long as Natasha is the focus of the story. Angsty, fluffy, plotty, crack, PWP...it's all good. (I do have an especially soft spot for Natasha/Clint, but as I said I'm very much not picky about ships.)

2.  Stories exploring how the events of CA: TWS impacted other characters in the MCU (other than those appearing in the film or Agents of SHIELD.)  One good example of this is Next New Message by fabrega about Clint, but I'd love to read about more characters during HYDRA's attempted coup and/or its aftermath.

3.  After reading Breakfast for Dinner by thingswithwings, I was wondering if there are any other fics with Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) joining the movie-verse team. 
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