gigi.maee (widowgirl101) wrote in avengers_search,

Post winter soldier natasha/bucky and natasha/sam

Just bought and watched Winter Soldier again. Looking for something related...

1. I really want something where steve finds out that Natasha knew Bucky from Red Room or something, not just getting shot by him. It doesn't have to be that they were lovers just knew each other or trained together or something

2. Steve and sam are searching for Winter Soldier and enlist natasha for help

3. sam and natasha becoming friends post Winter soldier (or something like that)

4. where was clint?

5. natasha trying to remake herself

6. i don't think anyones done this...but natasha got anything that mentions she's injured

7. if any of y'all watch Agents of SHIELD something where natasha helps them or realizes/knew phil was alive. maybe if she helped out instead of maria or maria told her about it since she said she was gonna tell natasha about being eye candy

8. when natasha used her widow bite on herself fury acted liked he really cared wether or not she was hurt. anything where maybe after years of working for him fury develops a soft spot for her.

9. may and natasha as friends but not lovers

10. maria working for stark

if y'all know of anything else thats good I'll take anything especially if it features natasha fairly heavily. I'm in a reading mood but searching for good tics usually never works. i always miss the good ones anyway so if y'all wanna help id mighty appreciate it! Thanks in advance to whoever answers
Tags: character: natasha romanov, movie: captain america, search: fic (recs)

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