Perylee (perylee) wrote in avengers_search,

Crossover - Loki searching for infinity gems, beating Thanos with fox eared friend

Hey guys,

As the title says, I am searching for a crossover (probably) of the Avengers with another story I don't know. It is about Loki trying to destroy Thanos by gathering the infinity gems and gauntlet. He gets help from a woman with a strange fox eared hat (it hides something on her head like ... little wings). She has a dragon friend who is able to change forms. Anyways, together they collect all the need. Somewhere along the line Loki fakes his own death to see if Odin would have come for him (he didn't). Thor was there, as well. After seeing his brother "die" he became angry enough to fight Thanos better. The Avengers helped, too and they managed to beat their enemy. Odin even offered Loki the throne for his deeds (he thought Loki understood the necessary scheming of a king better) but Loki declined by taking on the name Laufeyson. This way, he distanced himself from Odin and the royal family. In the end, Loki goes to live with the woman in her world, with her people and adopts a kid. They visit Asgard, though. It is a story in more parts and has been posted in AO3 as well. I thought I saved it but can't find it. Please hell?

Thanks in advance!

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